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Name:UFO high bay light U4
Chip Brand::Philips 3030 LEDs
Driver Brand::Philips Driver
Luminous Efficiency::120lm/W
Operating Temperature:-20℃- 50℃
Warranty::5 YEARS

Product Description


Artlite LED High Bay lighting luminaire U5 series utilizes most innovative LED from Philip, advanced PHILIPS driver and optimized heat management system to deliver super light output that replaces 250-400W HID with over 70% energy saving, and the 50,000h life span will significantly reduce the maintenance cost, eventually realize the fast pay-back.

Product details: 

Modle No.












 IP Grande



 AT-HBL100W-U4  100W  AC85-305V  12000lm  >0.9  >80  2700-7000K  IP65  50000hrs  5 years 
 AT-HBL150W-U4  150W  AC85-305V  18000lm  >0.9  >80  2700-7000K  IP65  50000hrs  5 years
 AT-HBL200W-U4  200W  AC85-305V  24000lm  >0.9  >80  2700-7000K  IP65  50000hrs  5 years




Artlite LED High Bay lighting luminaire HBL-01 series was designed specially to replace conventional light in a wide variety of industrial and warehouse applications.



  1. Robust die-cast aluminium luminaire body painted in epoxy powder coating in black.
  2. The luminaire assembly meets dust and moisture rating of IP65,  ensure long life and protection from the environment.
  3. Air-flow heat sink allows for fast air movement as the perfect cooling system to ensure the performance and longevity.
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